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We carry out fridge repairs in Bradford and the surrounding areas to an extremely wide range of refrigeration equipment.

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See below for some simple tips and ways you can easily save money on your energy bills with the help of a little bit of maintenance.

Looking after the environment

As we continue to find more ways to reduce our carbon footprint we are always searching for new technologies to help us be a greener company. From the little things like our paperless day to day operations to energy efficient refrigeration systems and our continued recycling, we will strive to improve year upon year. 

Tips to help you reduce breakdowns, save energy and save money!

Caution: The below tips are intended for able and competent people only, no liability can be held for damage or injury caused by attempting any of the below advice.  if you are unsure of any part of the tips provided then please seek the help of a professional. If you still happen to be in possession of the operation and maintenance manual that came with the equipment please read it carefully. ALWAYS turn off the power before attempting any kind of maintenance to your refrigerated equipment and be mindful of sharp surfaces behind any covers. 

# Tip 1 Condensers

Minor maintenance is an essential part of owning and operating a small commercial chiller or freezer. On small commercial chillers and freezers the condenser over time (usually located behind the grill at the front or rear) becomes blocked with fluff, debris, plastic or anything the fan can draw in. Cleaning it is as easy as switching off, removing the front/rear grill and lightly brushing and vacuuming the dust from the surface. In some instances there may be too much debris and a deep clean may be required so that light is visible through the fins. If this is the case then it is probably best to get someone out to clean it thoroughly. 

# Tip 2 Blinds & Curtains

If you run any kind of open front display chiller then this could be costing you additional money to operate. Have you thought about strip curtains to minimize the air lost from your chiller. These kits are readily available online to buy or have installed professionally. This is about reducing energy consumption of your chiller whilst still allowing customers to see and select products. When you keep the airflow inside the chiller then it will achieve it’s target temperature quicker and maintain it for longer, thus reducing the cost of running the compressor. Additionally if your chiller came with night blinds installed then these should always be used when you close up for the night.

# tip 3 Coldrooms

 If you operate a chiller or freezer cold storage room then one of the main causes of increased energy usage is from the doors not being fully closed or even just left wide open when not in use. Did you know you can also purchase ready made strip curtain assemblies for cold-rooms however this is not a solution to leaving the door open but it does significantly reduce the amount of heat transfer into the room when it is in use. This also helps reduce premature icing up of the evaporator inside the room and in turn reduces running costs. 

# tip 4 Remote refrigeration units

Remote refrigeration units that supply supply display chillers or freezers also need the same levels of maintenance as # Tip 1. Condensers also become clogged even when they are located outside and require regular maintenance to ensure they are working at optimum efficiency. This job would probably be best left to professionals unless it is easily accessible at ground level. Switching off the equipment and brushing the surface can remove a majority of the debris however caution should be used so as not to damage the delicate fins on the surface. Ultimately these will need pressure washing at some point but again caution shoud be used so as not to damage the fins. If in doubt seek professional help.   

# tip 5 Temperature Setpoint

It might sound obvious but carrying out daily checks on your refrigerator to make sure it is achieving and or maintaining its correct temperature. If it isn’t then this could be an early sign of failure. Systems that run for much longer than required or never actually reach temperature and stop are costing you money to run. If the condenser is clean and the compressor/motors are continuously running then this might well be an indication of a failing/failed component within the unit like a fan motor or iced up coil, it could even be low on refrigerant. If this is the case and you notice it always running then it is advised seek the help or advise of a  professional.

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